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Welcome to travelhappy.

This is my little home on the internet dedicated to documenting adventures in luxury and family travel, delicious food, and everyday Hawaii #momlife.

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Mini Guide to Portland: Shopping

Mini Guide to Portland: Shopping

Why shop in Oregon? Three words: no sales tax.

Seriously, it’s like everything is on sale, kind of. Like in when you buy luxury goods in Europe.

This post focuses on two main shopping areas: the Pearl District and 23rd Avenue. Both super walkable, cute, and safe, and I’d recommend at least half a day exploring each.

Northwest 23rd Ave


If I had a shop, I would want it to be just like Budd+Finn. Except in Hawaii. And featuring Hawaii things: Hawaii books and national parks and treasures made by Hawaii hands. This perfectly curated and arranged store is a must stop if you’re thinking of getting omiyage or want to take home a piece of your Oregon vacation. We bought Jules a book about Oregon. Budd+Finn, 517 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland.

Moonstruck Chocolate

Chocolate dipped ice cream with pretzels and sprinkles (you choose the toppings)

Chocolate dipped ice cream with pretzels and sprinkles (you choose the toppings)

Moonstruck Chocolate - ice cream in Portland

This cute little chocolate shop is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir for your BFF or sweet-toothed co-worker who did errands in your absence. I got this custom-made chocolate dipped milk chocolate bar not knowing that it was chocolate ice cream being dipped (duh!) so I was forced to eat chocolate ice cream at 10am. What a life. Moonstruck Chocolate, 526 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland.


Tender Loving Empire

This cute, hip gift shop features Oregon-made errything: jewelry, shirts, housewares, cards, bath products - you name it. I could have bought a dozen knick-knacks that I didn’t need but would be lovely to have, but we just left with one adorable outfit for our new niece and some washable nail polish for Jules. Tender Loving Empire has five locations in Oregon (including one at the airport); we went to the one on 23rd St. Tender Loving Empire, 525 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland.

Pearl District

This isn’t a street but a whole neighborhood. It’s pretty flat and super walkable, with tree-lined sidewalks and lots of cute boutiques and restaurants. They have a street festival every Friday, when Irving Street is closed to cars.

Anthropologie Pearl District

Anthro’s gorgeous sales area

Anthro’s gorgeous sales area

Even if you have an Anthro at your home mall, this one is worth a visit. It’s a 2-story stunner with flowers and chinoiserie that reminds me of having a picnic in an abandoned yet perfectly preserved warehouse. This location doesn’t have a restaurant, but it does have a BHLDN (their gorgeous wedding dress line), a furniture section (Anthro doesn’t ship furniture to Hawaii, but I have my way around that!), a kids section, and a massive collection of shoes and sale stuff. Anthropologie & Co at Brewery Blocks. 1115 NW Couch St., Portland.


Yes, this is a national brand, but we don’t have one in Hawai‘i yet! Madewell, 30 NW 12th Ave, Portland.

Powell’s City of Books

Finds at Powell’s

Finds at Powell’s

Powell’s is a bookworm’s heaven, selling new and used books together in one giant, multi-story, seemingly never-ending maze. Check out the rare books room for vintage finds and the cafe for delicious coffee and baked goods. It’s an institution. Powell’s City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St, Portland

Tom’s Shoes

Tom’s may not be from Portland (it’s from Playa del Ray in Cali), but it’s BOGO (buy one give one) model is very Portlandesque. I love getting shoes for Jules from here, they’re well-made, cute, and comfy. (And you can throw them in the washing machine if they get dirty). This location sells women’s, kids’, mens’, and coffee. Toms Shoes, 1231 W Burnside St, Portland.

. . . and another

Nike Company Store

Nike company store - best portland shopping

This one is technically not in Portland, but if you’re lucky enough to know an employee who’s willing to give you a friends and family pass, you have the golden ticket to a warehouse full of new & current season shoes and apparel at 40-50% off and you must go. I’m not a runner (I do barre, pilates, and yoga) — but I can’t resist getting matching shoes for me and Jules. 3485 SW Knowlton Rd, Beaverton.

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