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This is my little home on the internet dedicated to documenting adventures in luxury and family travel, delicious food, and everyday Hawaii #momlife.

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Embassy Suites Midtown Manhattan | New York City

Embassy Suites Midtown Manhattan | New York City

The Embassy Suites in Midtown is a brand new hotel on 37th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Although this area is crazy busy (it's just a few blocks from the lights of Broadway and the giant Macy's on 34th Street), it is super convenient.

There's lots to eat super close by (Xi'an and Shake Shack!), and a nice half-hour walk to Columbus Circle or to SoHo if the weather isn't too hot and an easy subway ride to pretty much anywhere.

Embassy Suites Midtown Manhattan, 60 West 37th Street.
39 floors of "studio suites”; all room types are about 300 square feet, and some have balconies.
Rooms are $250-$300 per night. We booked the hotel using Hilton Honors points: 280,000 points (if you pay for four nights, you get the fifth night free). It was a good redemption value, and my Hilton Honors Platinum membership gave us complimentary high-speed internet access, two bottles of water, and snacks at check in. All rooms come with a free hot breakfast buffet and a "happy hour" every evening featuring free snacks, wine, beer, and bottom-shelf liquor.

We arrived to the hotel just before 7pm. There weren't any bellmen around, but there were several luggage carts in the lobby so we grabbed one of those.

The lobby had a soaring water feature that was constantly soaking the lobby floor - the attorney in me cringed every time I saw an employee mopping it up (which was at least once a day).

Check-in was quick and the front-desk personnel were professional and friendly. They gave us bottles of water and let us pick snacks, offering Snickers, Reeces Pieces, popcorn (there is a microwave in the room!) and fig newtons.  Yay! The lobby also has a 24 hour snack bar, a lobby bar, and several computers for you to print boarding passes and such. These types of setups always remind me of internet cafes. Remember internet cafes? :)

The first thing you see when entering the room was the bathroom. Very modern and clean looking, with glass shower doors -- but lacking in much space in terms of countertop space and storage space.

not pictured to the left: standard toilet (no water closet obviously)

This is the living area of the "studio suite" - a fold-out couch with a tall back that acts as a room partition. Embassy Suites advertises the room as being able to fit 3 adults, so I guess this partition would give the third adult some measure of privacy. However - I cannot cannot cannot imagine 3 adult-sized people fitting into this tiny room. My first instinct upon entering the room was to call and ask if they had a larger room available for payment/upgrade. They did not (that's when we found out that all rooms are the same size).

On the other side of the couch divider was a king bed with about 1.5 feet of space on all sides of the bed (it's cramped, but clean!). There are 2 hidden drawers at the foot of the bed, and a flatscreen tv.

Living area with second flatscreen tv, ironing board, single-use coffee maker with Coffee Bean teas and coffee and to-go cups. Under the coffee machine is a little empty refrigerator and microwave. I loved this -- there is nothing I hate more than a hotel refrigerator full of overpriced sodas, drinks, and snacks that you cannot move. Especially with a baby, when food storage is vital.

Next to the fridge/microwave cabinet is a hilariously small armoire containing a safe, one empty drawer, and these oddly placed hangers. I don't know what you could hang on these hangers that wouldn't result in them getting very wrinkled -- my solution was to hang things in the bathroom on the robe hook. 

Below: the living area with our luggage in it -- not much space to move around, especially when the crib was open! 

All in all, a great value stay. The complimentary breakfasts and beers were great, service was friendly, and the room was nice and clean. The room was small (oh, New York!) and the elevator situation left much to be desired (three elevators servicing 39 floors meant long wait times and crowded elevators) -- but overall it was a good value that would have been a fine size for one or two adults. 

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