Frequently Asked Questions

Why book through travelhappy?

Travelhappy’s specialty is creating unforgettable dream vacations tailored to fit my clients’ needs and interests. where they are given VIP treatment and are left feeling truly relaxed and refreshed because every detail has been taken given consideration. Whether you’re traveling with your partner, your children, or your parents - I want you to experience your dream vacation.

What are travelhappy’s booking services?

Travelhappy books:

  • river and ocean cruises

  • tours, journeys, and expeditions (in the U.S. and abroad);

  • hotel and resort accommodations;

  • Business and first-class flights. I do not book economy or coach airfare.

I also create custom itineraries and book pre- or post- tour hotels, transfers, and tours.

What does travelhappy charge?

My fees begin at $300 to create a fully customized itinerary (price will depend on trip length and complexity).

I do not charge a booking fee for hotels, cruises, or tours (Yay!). However, I do charge a cancellation fee.

What is Virtuoso and who is a Virtuoso Advisor?

Virtuoso is a luxury travel consortium - a network of the world’s best luxury travel agencies and suppliers (preferred luxury hotels, cruises, tours, etc). Working with a Virtuoso advisor (like me!) ensures VIP treatment and will entitle you to special amenities with Virtuoso suppliers, like free breakfasts and resort credits when you pay the Virtuoso-contracted “best available rate.”

Here’s a great Virtuoso primer from the NYT article Meet the New Travel Agents (a.k.a. Travel Networks):

Meet the New Travel Agents (a.k.a. Travel Networks) (NYT). Booking with a Virtuoso-affiliated agency like travelhappy comes with VIP perks: “When a booking comes in through a travel agent, hotels flag those guests as V.I.P.s . . . and they typically enjoy better service during their stays. “You can’t V.I.P. yourself, but an agent has the ability to do that for you[.]” Joshua Bush - 5 Simple Tips for Getting Stellar Hotel Service (Shivani Vora, NYT)

What is a hotel’s “Best Available Rate”?

This is a little confusing, but a hotel’s “Best Available Rate” (BAR) is not usually the lowest rate. “Best” is relative in the travel industry, I guess? However - although it’s not the lowest, the BAR rate is usually: (1) refundable (giving you flexibility if travel plans change) and (2) payable later (i.e., directly to the hotel at the time you stay (rather than being paid in full at the time you reserve the room). 

If you’re at a Virtuoso hotel or resort and paying the Virtuoso-contracted rate (usually the “Best Available Rate”), you will get VIP treatment and special amenities. Basically, you’re paying a certain amount more per night for added service and amenities. It is so worth it!

Do you book airbnb or other vacation rentals?

Yes and no. I don’t book airbnb because it’s too risky and time-consuming, but I do book condos and homes that appear on and Villas of Distinction.

I want to go somewhere! How do I book with you?

Because of the complex and detailed nature of planning, I only accept a limited number of engagements per month. Contact me using the form below or send an email to!

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