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Meet Marissa.

Marissa is the owner of TRAVELHAPPY, a boutique travel agency specializing in luxury, curated, unforgettable adventures for an exclusive clientele. And, TRAVELHAPPY’s affiliation with a larger California-based travel agency gives it greater buying power and leverage with the world’s most exclusive providers, including luxury cruises, yachts, tours, expeditions, resorts, and more.

When she’s not planning her clients’ dream vacations, Marissa spends her days in the Hawaiian sunshine (or shade, more likely) with her husband, toddler, and two cats. She loves the flexibility that comes with owning her own travel agency. Her favorite hobbies are yoga/pilates/barre, travel, swimming, lounging, shopping, flying first class, resort-ing, and making her clients feel like VIPs.

Marissa’s everyday life is laughing with her husband, dancing and singing with a toddler, cooking Chrissy Teigen’s recipes, planning dream vacations, and blogging about travel and everyday life.

Get comfy and take a look around — and say “hi” on social media, too! It’s always nice to see a friendly face.

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TRAVELHAPPY is a licensed travel agency in HAWAII (t.a.r. no. 7250) and is an independent affiliate of MTRAVEL/CTM in California (ca. seller of travel no. 21279700-40)